Our ethos :

Its all about quality.


Rushmoor Painting and Decorating is run by Nick Sammut; a qualified, professional and fully insured painter and decorator who takes his craft very seriously and demonstrates a tremendous amount of pride in his work.

Nick considers himself an artisan and the quality of finish that he achieves goes far beyond that of your typical painting contractor or DIY enthusiast.

Avoiding amateurs and indeed the worst cowboy painters and decorators is increasingly a challenge. What separates Rushmoor from everyone else is the quality of preparation, the eye for perfection and the dedication to achieving the best finish possible. We are experts and as soon as you talk to us about your project we know this will become clear very quickly!

A great deal of thought is put into everything from the type of sandpaper, fillers, and paint and the brushes and rollers used to apply the paint is never anything but the best.

Nick is proud of the standard of decorating he achieves.

"I have never seen anyone else's work which has surpassed the attention to detail, pure quality of final finish or longevity - in my experience, no one has even come close, and if that sounds like I am over blowing my trumpet all you need to do is talk to my clients. When you use me on any of your projects one thing will become very clear: I love my job and get great satisfaction in transforming customer’s homes".  

However, that's not the end of the story, simply achieving a great finish is worthless if it does not last. We are experts at selecting the right materials for any given application - we pride ourselves in making certain that you achieve a great return on investment. With Rushmoor you can be sure that your artisan finish stays that way for considerably longer than any handyman painter will ever achieve. 

We work in Surrey and within the M25 - get in contact today and find out why so many people have trusted us to deliver a high quality, cost effective solution to their project.

We are happy to provide a free, no obligation quotation upon request.



Nick Sammut

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